Support Groups

While providing psychotherapy to adults and couples is my passion, group support can offer benefits that one-on-one counseling often doesn’t.


  • Resonance. It’s one thing for me to tell you, “many people feel this same way,” or for you to read it somewhere. It’s another thing entirely when you look around the room at the faces of people you know actually do feel the same way. There is huge healing potential in the resonance you feel that can boost the personal work you’re doing in individual therapy or on your own.
  • Resilience. The shared experience of people in your group can scaffold you, giving you strength to meet the challenges you face, ones that other group members have already tackled themselves.
  • Peer Support. In group therapy you can find sounding boards and roadmaps for life’s challenges from peers who are traveling a similar path.
  • Connection. Groups act like balm to feelings of isolation and grief, offering the relief that comes from being around people who get you.
  • Growth. Reflections from the group offer you the opportunity to learn about yourself.
  • Communication. The safety of a facilitated group of people who care about you allows you to comfortably experiment with new ways of interacting, if you choose to.


WHO:  Parents whose kids have chronic medical conditions often experience isolation, anxiety, grief, depression, anger and exhaustion. So much focus is on your child that very little’s left for your other kids or your spouse, let alone yourself.

WHY:  No one wants to let the stress of parenting a child with a chronic medical condition influence how you relate to your family. Even though family’s often our greatest support, for a number of reasons your can’t be. Your spouse is stressed too. You have to keep up appearances – the last thing you want is for your child to feel guilty for this raw-deal that is so completely beyond their control. The best-meaning friends offer a lot in terms of holding space for you and helping out, but how many of them truly understand how complex and painful your situation is?

WHAT: Join a group of parents who get your trials, victories and catastrophes first-hand, in a space where it is safe for you to express everything that’s in your heart.




WHO: A lively group for those steeped in attachment who are informed by the connection between mind, body, heart and spirit, and have a background in psychodynamics.

WHAT: Give and receive support through radical self-care that feeds not just your soul, but your mind as well. Past topics have included navigating private practice while balancing childcare, agency burnout and self care, stepping into private practice, navigating pregnancy while seeing clients, parallel process, re-entering the workforce, transference/countertransference, couplehood.